Headwind is Coming

I feel it from somewhere deep inside. The winds of change are beginning to blow and a storm and a story are on the horizon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dressing for the War

A Guest Blogger

Katrin has turned the blog over to me this week, while she ponders the fate of her research. I really don't understand her angst. After all, all she has to do is fight Hitler. I have to come up with a really nice dress for my photo shoot. Actually, I'm making progress.

I don't know what the world did before eBay. Over the past week I have bought two vintage dress patterns from 1940. One is a casual, daytime frock, and the other is a serious suit - chic! I've also found a spiffy black hat from 1940 and it's not a reproduction but the real McCoy.

The sewing room (that also doubles as my office) is now cluttered with Simplicity pattern pieces and fabric scraps. Unfortunately, I had to enlarge said dress to fit over my less than slim hips, but it's coming along nicely. Once that's done, I'll tackle the suit. It's in a lovely green and should drape nicely.

The last big score was on eBay yesterday. A vintage rhinestone brooch a la Bergman in Casablanca. I was sweating the final minutes of bidding and increased my maximum bid to strain my checkbook, but success was mine. It's being shipped today.

All I need now is a good eyebrow pencil and a red lipstick for the photo shoot on the 13th.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Somewhere in Europe

On This Day in History

March 31, 1940: In the North Atlantic... The first German armed merchant cruiser, Atlantis, sails for operations against Allied shipping. It will prove to be the most successful raider. In a cruise lasting until November 22, 1941 she will sink 22 ships of 145,700 tons.