Headwind is Coming

I feel it from somewhere deep inside. The winds of change are beginning to blow and a storm and a story are on the horizon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Invasion of England

July 16, 1940

War is coming closer to home. Today, Hitler issued an order to begin preparations for the invasion of Great Britain. The plan is codenamed Operation Sealion. The situation isn't looking good. France has fallen to Germany and now it appears England is next in line - at least that's what Hitler is thinking.

He's a bit premature. Counting his chicks and all that. Rumor has it he's already ticked the box next to Churchill's name and added him to his Black Book that's actually an honor roll of patriots the Nazis want to assassinate when they get to England. But that's not a done deal by any means. If is a better word than when.